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Yanmar first to introduce gas-driven refrigeration series

Yanmar Europe is the first to introduce a gas-driven refrigeration unit to the European market. The most striking user advantages of the new gas-driven refrigeration series are its very limited energy consumption, high output, compact design and heat reclaim. Having pioneered clean emissions technology and sustainable energy systems for many decades, Yanmar now brings a new refrigeration series to market offering customers a choice to use natural gas as a main energy source for refrigeration. The new series will be launched in October 2016 at Chillventa in Nuremberg, Germany.

1kW in, 50kW out
Made in Japan, the gas driven refrigeration is developed in Europe and fully dedicated to European requirements. The series comes in different units with a powerful cooling capacity between 26-53kW at a limited electrical energy input as low as 0.9-1.7kW. Its cooling range is between 0-10°C. Yanmar’s new, compact gas-driven series is easy to install and delivers the same capacity as bigger, more expensive electrical installations, while occupying far less space. Since it can be installed outdoors without the need for a technical room, it also saves valuable indoor space.

Low input, high output, high savings
Gas-driven refrigeration use less than one-tenth of electrical power input when compared to electricity-driven refrigeration. Consequently, the consumption of primary energy is highly reduced, which is a true environmental benefit. There are economical benefits too. One is that natural gas is a less expensive energy source than electricity. The other is that variable capacity control depending on situational demand or need leads to optimal cost management and highly efficient operation.

Energy, free of charge
A big plus for the new gas-driven refrigeration is the ability to reclaim heat from the engine. The waste heat that is produced ‘free of charge’ can be efficiently used for heating, defrosting or for domestic hot water application. Again, this brings both economical and environmental benefits.  

Operational benefits
A remote 24/7 monitoring system observes operating conditions via the internet and provides direct notification to the service engineer when action is needed. Another operational benefit is that the units operate at very competitive, low noise levels. Finally, customers can simply upgrade the refrigeration system without the need for a new electrical transformer.  

About Yanmar
Founded in 1912 in Japan, Yanmar is a global brand and leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced performance diesel engines and final equipment. You will find Yanmar products in a wide range of applications in marine, industrial, energy systems, agriculture and construction. Yanmar has a global workforce of over 16,700 employees and a sales and service network operating in more than 130 countries. With European headquarters in the Netherlands and sales organizations covering the whole of Europe, Russia and Africa, Yanmar Europe employs around 600 people, generating annual sales turnover of 500 million euros. For more information visit www.yanmar.com 

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