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CHP unit

The CHP unit

CHP is short for Combined Heat and Power. A CHP unit is a cogeneration system that produces heat and electrical power from gas simultaneously. A CHP unit is used for supplying power to buildings and hot water for heating or cooling through high efficient heat and power generation.

How a CHP unit works

Combined heat and power units operate by using energy from natural gas to drive a gas engine. This engine drives the CHP electricity generator. During operation heat from the gas engine is reclaimed and used to supply hot water from the unit.

Small footprint

Yanmar calls a cogeneration unit a CP: a Cogeneration Package. The unit contains an internal combustion engine, generator, inverter, heat exchangers and control system. Does this sound bulky? No way. Yanmar CPs are small, compact and light-weight and have roughly the same footprint as a conventional heating unit. That means you can put them in any space: in the mechanical room, basement, outside on the ground or on the rooftop.

High on energy, low on the environment

When you connect a CP unit to a building to supply power and hot water, you can achieve an extremely efficient energy level. It utilizes up to 87% of the fuel burn versus the average 33% burn rate of conventional, ‘from the grid’ sources. This typically leads to lower energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions compared to remotely generated electricity from the power grid.

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